Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - The Happy Ending :)

Now,it's 8 years since Bunny had left and he never returned. Naina has completed her studies and she works in a clinic now. Bunny is a renowned cameraman who works for travel shows and travels around the world. Aditi is all set to get married now and she had sent invitations to everyone. Just before coming to India for the marriage, Bunny gets a lifetime opportunity to host a travel show and he is really happy his dream is going to be fulfilled.

Finally,at the dinner  party,they meet after 8 years and still it seems like they were always in touch. Both enjoy the party and also have a chat later during Bunny even tries a cheesy line on Naina :D

The marriage function brings Naina and Bunny together again. He sees her truly for the first time. They perform a dance on the behalf the bride's side :) Another lovely song, which I will upload after sometime.
Another day, they go out for sightseeing, during that day Naina argues that living at home is way better than his travelling life. In the end, he says that she is not right about what she says, just that she is very different from him. Later, in the evening wants to go see all other places but hearing her say,

"However hard you try bunny,
You'll always miss something out in life
Let's just...Enjoy this moment..."
He watches the sunset,lost in thoughts about she had said.

While returning back to the resort, Bunny explains to Naina how he had been on a trek with college students when his father passed away.So,he heard the news one week late and couldn't come for the cremation ceremony. He feels that he should have spoken to his father more often and visited him. 
She lies on his shoulder to make him feel better and he does :)

The next evening, Bunny asks Aditi whether she really loves the guy she is to wed and she says,

"Before I met him,I was fine
but now I know that I can be happy too...
With certain people,
things just seem better by spending time with them."
Hearing her say that makes him realize that Naina is his person and the happiness he has by spending time with her. So, he gets two bottles of beer and searches for her to have a drink with her. When he finds her, he sees that there is another guy bringing her beer. He gets really jealous and argues with the guy. Finally, Naina asks her friend to leave for sometime and questions Bunny what is wrong with him. He explains that he can't see her spending time with anyone other than him. She replies,

"Why don't you understand that if I stand here any longer then..
I'll fall in love with you 
and you won't 
He realizes that Naina had loved him before and he had broken her heart.But. this time it was different because he was also in love with her :) So, he moves closer,kisses her and takes her into his arms :)

Later that night, Bunny sees Naina walking towards him and he walks upto her and says "I love you" immediately,she smiles back at him and replies,"I love you too".It doesn't end there,she tells him that they can't be in a relationship as both their dreams will never be the same. She won't be able to leave her clinic neither will he be able to stop travelling and settle down. But,he says there's no need to discuss that now and pulls her into his arms.She continues telling that she understands him completely that's why she has to let him go. 
She hugs for a minute more and walks away leaving him alone as the longer they stay together the harder it will be.After the wedding, they both seperate in tears. Bunny packs and leaves to the airport. While sitting in the airport, he realizes that when he 8 years ago he was eager to leave but now he didn't have the heart to leave.So, he goes home as he never visited after his father's demise.His stepmother consoles him and says that to make his father happy all he has to do is,live his dream by follow his heart :)

New Year's Eve.
Aditi is in the airport leaving for her honeymoon,Avinash is drinking in his bar and Naina is alone watching TV. Naina hears her doorbell ring and guess who that is ;)

I love the climax <3
Bunny is at her door with cake and balloons,he kisses her and says that he had come to spend new year's eve with her :) He has also canceled Paris offer to take up her offer because he doesn't anyone else to take her away :) ;) Then,he proposes to her <3 But, she is scared that he won't be able to live a married. He says,
"I still want to see every corner of
the world but with your hand in mine!
You make me happy Naina.
In my mind, we're already married...
Now come on, you marry me too!"
She has tears of happiness in her eyes as she hugs him :)
Awwww <3 Aren't proposals the best part of a relationship? :)

Bunny and Naina call Avinash and Aditi as it's nearing 12.
When their friends come to know both of them are together, they are really happy and tease them.
The New Year count down starts,
Happy New Year :)
Naina kisses Bunny <3
Happy New Year, guys!
Let's all have a great year ya!

Wasn't that a sweet and happy ending? :)


  1. Oh my, my heart melts. how sweet this story is <3 Thank you for sharing this :)

  2. Awwww :)
    Thanq 4 visitng nd readng :)

  3. aw,so sweet!! :)

  4. thank you, i watche d the movie but the last 10 mins or so wasnt there, then i found this which i tahnk you for.

  5. amazing.. <3 hope everyone has happy endings..


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