Chahun Main Ya Na ~ Aashiqui 2 Translation

Rahul is a successful singer whose career is going down
because of his alcohol addiction.
One day he meets Aarohi,a girl he finds singing in the bar and promises
to make her a singing sensation.
So,about the song video you surely have to watch the video first ignoring the subtitles and watch again with subtitles,then only you will get the total package from the song :)
This is the remix version will upload the original songs with the movie review.
 So,how was the song?
Anyone want to know the full story?


  1. it's a nice and catchy song.. luckily there is translation for the lyrics else i won't be able to understand :)

  2. Great song! Love by all means, don't doubt chaahoon main yaa naa

    1. Yea agreed :)
      thank u 4 visiting again :)))

  3. Thank you very much for giving us this beautiful song!

  4. Namaste! Received this link Ma Durga its a nice song love it but don't know the meaning.

  5. awwww that's so sweet :) :) :)
    I am cent percent sure that you u became very popular nd in the end many others had a crush on you :)

  6. aw this is sweet. the last time i had a crush was back in college and i must say our story is much like this, well he was so popular then being in a frat and I, being a nah, i just think his circle of friends is just larger than mine. anyway, we ended up really good friends:)

  7. Hey!! about the song link u sent,I accepted it but it's not getting displayed here sorry, I can send u a snapshot too if u want...
    btw the little I understood was the song contained hails of mother durga but the rest I couldn't even understand the words...sorry I couldn't help...

  8. This is cute! Yes, I would make excuses, going to the restroom even if I dont have to just so I can steal a glimpse of my crush in high school :) Nice one Kirthee :)


  9. thanq u Apple :)
    Happy u enjoyed the story and could relate it to your crush ;) :)

  10. Aww this song is lovely and sweet :) Thank you for providing the english translation as well so I can understand the meaning behind it :)

  11. Thanq Tsukiyo :)
    I am happy you could understand the song and loved it :)


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