Tera Deedar Hua ~ Seeing a Glimpse of You :)

Do you believe in love at first sight?
If yes,then you might be able to associate the song with the way you would describe your love :)
The moment you see the girl,time freezes and you completely forget yourself mesmerized in her beauty.This is one such guy who falls in love the moment he sees his girl and dreams of her while he is trying to explain his sudden love to his friends.
This is one such song :)

"I met you, and my prayers were answered
and my eyes worshiped you."

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  1. Wow. Very beautiful. I believe in love at first sight too. :)

  2. Thanq :)
    I guess I might believe too if it happens :)
    Happy you liked it :)

  3. Hi dear :)
    Thank you so much for your nice comment you left on my blog <3


  4. I was happy to comment :)
    nd thanq 4 visiting <3

  5. This song is sweet because it is an exact copy of a work by European genius. It is copied from a instrumental song from a Album “I am the great sun” song
    Sound the whistle, pipe, and drum which was made in 1999.

  6. Wonderful music by GV?

    Listen to the original in


    Sound the whistle, pipe, and drum

  7. Love at first click.. love the song..tQ


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