My Little Bride

When a guy loves a girl and he takes efforts to keep her happy without knowing whether she loves him or not.A story like that is sure to be lovely if the girl loves him back too.I would hate the movie if the girl can't cherish or realize such a love.In this movie,the girl also loves him from when they were little but she doesn't realize that she has been in love with him all along.I will explain more through the story with pictures :)

The movie starts with Bo-eun,16 year old getting married to Sang-min,a graduate student,due to their grandfather's wish.Sang-min doesn't wants to give up his bachelor life and Bo-Eun her school life.But they end up having their Special Day!

They both keep fighting playfully from the start of the film.Sang-min takes care of innocent Bo-eun without expecting anything from her.We can see that Sang-min truly loves Bo-eun with his occasionally loving looks at her,teasing her around,understanding her through her point of you and finally bears up with her,a nagging wife :D

Isn't it fun going for grocery shopping,carried all the way home,ending up with a vegetable fight and cooking together? :D 


Though Bo-Eun doesn't realize her love,she still cares for Sang-Min a lot.She even stands up for him at a few occasions and fights for him :)
Many cute scenes happen around the house throughout the film.In one such scene Sang-Min and Bo-Eun end up sleeping together on the same bed when Sang-Min pesters his mother to stay back.Sang-Min imagines Bo-Eun getting romantic with him.In the end,she is fast asleep.He makes her lie on his shoulder when he sees she isn't sleeping the pillow and she leans on him and sleeps :)

Finally,Sang-Min is packed and ready to move out of the house to let Bo-Eun live her life.Then,she comes to know that Sang-Min has been painting beautifully over the wall daily for many hours after she left.The painting itself being depiction of both of them in their childhood, playing on the swing.She understands that he should love her so much to do such hard-work for the sake of her.She also realizes that Sang-Min meant her to be his first love in class, when he said about a visitor he got in the military.After going through the letters she reads her words,
"Your absence has me missing you". Exactly how she was feeling now. 
She hurries to the festival.During the festival Sang-Min stands up for her when questioned about their marriage.He explains that the marriage was forced on her and she never liked him. Bo-Eun walks up to him and says in front of the whole school, 

"Since I was little, you were always at my side.
I was never aware of the strange feelings…inside…
but…I think I’m in love with you…"



  1. The best puppy love movie.

  2. Oh my!...I wanna watch this movie...=)

    1. Giv me a day,wil get de movie source nd tell u :)
      U wil surely love the next movie post <3


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