Coffee Prince

My first Korean Drama and it is still close to my heart after so many years :) One of the series that has numerous episodes of a Cute Love story <3 after accepting each other's love.

Eun-chan,a cheerful young girl,is a tomboy.She is very hardworking and earns for her family.One day, she meets our hero Han-gyul,a smart young man running a coffee shop.

Han-gyul doesn't want to get married so he asks Eun-Chan to act as his gay lover so that his family will not pester him with blind dates. Eun-Chan then comes to work for Han-gyul,through a series of events Han-gyul starts liking Eun-Chan.But he is troubled as he still thinks she is a guy.

Eventually he accepts that he would love her regardless whether she is a guy or a girl.A fight ensures when he comes to know that she is girl and she had let him feel he wasn't normal.After sometime when Eun-Chan apologizes profoundly he says, "I am glad you are a girl" and they make up :) 

There are soooooo many cute scenes after this that you will never have the heart to delete the drama. As you will always need it to watch again and again <3

Eun-Chan keeps working in his shop.During work there are little romances now and then.Though Eun-Chan is hesitant to even check whether he is sick,he takes her hand and keeps it on his forehead to check.After that she comes out of her shyness and plays around with him.She gets into the habit of holding his face between her two hands and just looks at him. :) Sudden embraces and kisses makes them even more cute as a couple.

There is another totally sweet scene in which Eun Chan falls asleep while on the phone with Han Gyul, and he leaves her on speakerphone — and awakens the next morning with a laugh to realize Eun Chan is still snoring into her phone. He hangs up and calls back to serenade her with the song “I Love You” 

 Wasn't that one hell of a song with just images?Then you can imagine the cuteness of the video!

 Han-gyul is a totally sweet guy who shows his love in various little reactions throughout the series that warms your heart and makes you smile throughout. :) Eun-Chan is to study abroad for two years to become a barista. Han-gyul is very emotional and even proposes to her,

"I want to live with you. For the rest of my life, I want to eat together, talk together, sleep together, be togetherI’ve realized I can’t be responsible for your life. But I can be by your side, watching over you. I’ll take that instead. We may be separated now, but later, much later… when you hold the hand of your first child… when they go off to school… when you marry your children off… Ah, proposing is so embarrassing"

Eun-Chan agrees she wants to get married to him but after 5 years or so.Han-gyul never agrees to that.After that as the day nears for her to leave Han-gyul  tries to stay away from her so that he wouldn't lose control.But Eun-Chan takes it as a game and tries touching him, who in turn tries to run away.In the end, they spend their night together and return to work happily together where the employees tease Eun-Chan of wearing the same dress from yesterday :D 

After saying a touching farewell Eun-Chan leaves abroad.Han-gyul misses Eun-Chan so much and waits for her to come back. After two years of a long-distance relationship, a more stylish Eun-chan returns to Korea and surprises Han-gyul without informing about her return.They have a happy reunion and Eun-Chan informs him that she has learnt everything to take care of him :)

She assures him that she won’t leave him alone ever again: “Even if you told me to leave now, I won’t. I’ve got to stick by your side every day from now on. I won’t leave you for even a minute.” Mollified, Han Gyul asks, “Twenty-four hours? Night and day, every day? Then we’ll have to get married quickly.”
The serial ends with Eun-Chan making a cup of coffee for Han-gyul who is eager to test her skills.

I am happy I started with Coffee Prince as my first korean serial because it is most happy and loving serial of all :) If you haven't watched it yet do soon :) With all the lovely episodes you tend to have more expectation for the ending and get a little disappointed.But remember unlike most dramas, we have many happy episodes to  cherish before the drama ends ^_^


  1. Yeah love this TV series the 'guy' Eun-Chan is real cute

    1. lol :D U hav seen this series??
      hehe Eun-Chan,the "guy",U r like Han Gyul then :D


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