My Dil Goes Mmmm

One of the cutest songs eva <3 

aati hai woh aise chal ke
jaise jannat mein raheti hai
dekhti hai sabko aaise
jaise sabko woh saheti hai
par gusse main jab aaye
aur aankhein woh dikhlaye
ladte ladte galti se muskaaye
my dil goes mmmm

She walks in such as manner
as if she resides in heaven
She looks at everyone
as if she must tolerate them all
But when she gets angry
and stares at you with those eyes
then suddenly she begins to smile
my heart goes mmmm (hums)

karti hoon jab usse baatein
lagta hai sone waala hai
soke jab jab bhi woh jaage
lagta hai rone waala hai
par chupke se woh aaye
meri neend se mujhe jayage
le baahon mein aur khudh hi gir jaaye
my dil goes mmmm

Whenever I talk to him
it seems as though he's about to fall asleep
Whenever he awakes from his sleep
it seems as though he's about to cry
but when he comes quietly
and awakes me from my sleep
he tries to hold me and ends up falling himself
my dil goes mmmm

haan, woh na na karti hai
haan, bada akarti hai
haan, thodi si ziddi hai
haan, akal se piddi hai
jaate hain sab woh aaye
na aaye woh jaati hai
tedhi in baaton se mujhko satati hai
har waqt se pehle aana
sunna na koi bahana
par dekhna mera rasta rozana
my dil goes mmmm

Yes, she's always disagreeing to everything
Yes, she can be annoying
Yes, she's a little stubborn
Yes, she's a little dumb
Where everyone goes, she leaves
Where everyone leaves, she goes
These things about you make me restless
I don't come on time
then I have to hear your excuses
But wait for me everyday
My heart goes mmmmm

haan, picture mein rota hai
haan, khulle mooh sota hai
haan, zara nalayak hai
haan, pitne ke layak hai
jaane kya kehta hai
jaane kya karta hai
sofe pe chadhta hai
pardo se ladta hai
jab karne lage safaai
samjho ke shaamat aayi
phir thak ke jab leta hai angdai
my dil goz mmmm

Yes, he cries during movies
Yes, he sleeps with his mouth open
Yes, he's a little useless
Yes, he's worthy of being beat up
Who knows what he says
Who knows what he does
He climbs on the couch
And fights with the curtains
When he starts to clean
Know that there's trouble
Then when he gets exhausted and begins to rest
My heart goes mmmm

haan, thodi alag si hai
haan, thodi galat si hai

Yes, she's a little different
Yes, she's a little wrong

haan, thoda alag sa ha
haan, thoda galat sa hai

Yes, he's a little different
Yes, he's a little wrong

aisi bhi hogi woh aisa na socha tha
I never thought that she'd be like this

aisa hi hoga woh aisa hi socha tha
I never thought that he'd be like this

yeh sach hai yeh sapna
Is this reality or a dream

dar lagta hai kahin ho na jaaye jhooth
I'm afraid to ever think this reality is a lie

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